Lego Sandwich - Lego In Real Life 9 / Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

2020. 06. 14.
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I made it with 2,789 pictures.
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  • A S A N D W I C H

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  • Wow

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    • That Is A Good One

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  • This is taking forever yummy

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  • ı am hungry

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  • 00.00:00->02:07.5

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  • this is not yours you are copyrighting witch is illegal

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  • El comentario en español que buscabas 😎

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  • Everything is Japanese

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    • 1:04 OMG

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  • You brain: yummy yummy Me: no, its made out of lego My brain: E A T

    Fox SquadFox Squad13 일 전
  • My brain: eat it Me: DO NOT EAT IT !!!

    Maria KarimMaria Karim13 일 전
  • Как это снимали?!

    Almaz TvAlmaz Tv14 일 전
  • So smooth

    baiman 08baiman 0817 일 전
  • Wow amazzing!! I expect you spent most of your day doing that! Great and it’s a really good satisfying video!! I love it you you did a amazing job xx

    Hannah CooperHannah Cooper19 일 전
  • wow! it is amazing !!

    Harshini MadhanrajHarshini Madhanraj21 일 전
  • How long they take to film this videa

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  • This sooooooo cool

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  • it s like minecraft irl

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  • felt like starting 🤤

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  • I Love ❤️ Bepop

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  • Oh my gosh Edit: you wouldn’t mind if I just, liked the video would you?

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  • Omg its a sogy bun I could nerver

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    • Never

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  • This is so smooth, good job

    Squibidy The SquidSquibidy The Squid개월 전
  • wtf is this 1:18??

    BrentussBrentuss개월 전
  • I think the butter was crying

    Hp WhitakerHp Whitaker개월 전
  • 1:04 Face reveal

    Library LadyLibrary Lady개월 전
  • Everyone: talking about the sandwhich Me: aghfdthrdjggfhhfchtrd did u see the house! And the pool!?

    Princess HelenPrincess Helen개월 전
    • IKR AGAH

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  • Get this man 10000000000000000000 likes and views

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  • ooo

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  • The talent is astronomical-

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  • Blippi and the kids #

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  • Sandvich!

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  • 1:34 OMG!

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  • 1:00 where's the coin

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  • Brother, don't you get lazy? 😅😂

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  • Haha, mustard cheese brick

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  • 대애박~~

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  • If I make stop motion video like this it will took me 10 years to do it😂

    Yellow Crew :vYellow Crew :v개월 전
  • Soggy upper bread yum

    LapczcLapczc개월 전
  • I love the way when he screwed the tmoto

    amy_getintoit513 XD UwUamy_getintoit513 XD UwU개월 전
  • いや、金持ちの家(>'A`)>ウワァァ!!

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  • that bread just wakes up 🤣🤣 but it's great!

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  • Martim

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  • WTH

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  • Did he wash the lettuce or?.....

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  • b

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  • 이런건 도대체 어떻게 만드는겨.....

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  • 아주 좋은 비디오, 축하합니다!

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  • I, too hate it when my Bread wakes up late

    SamuelDoesNotExistSamuelDoesNotExist2 개월 전
  • 77249 Likes 8255 Dislikes?

    Mercedes GarciaMercedes Garcia2 개월 전
  • I dont wanna eat bread that been on the floor

    zz2 개월 전
  • BEPOP I think you have many collections of lego because just in the sandwich it causes a thousands of LEGO

    Sarada Uchiha's StoriesSarada Uchiha's Stories2 개월 전
  • rip logic 1:35

    Teo BezanTeo Bezan2 개월 전
  • I'm hungry right now like I'm druling and one more thing teach me how to cook pls😄

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  • Nice

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  • Wow

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  • It's so hard how you do that?

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  • The top bun looked like a kid.

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  • How long it take

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  • Why does this make me hungry?

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  • Heavy: *screams in mini gun and communism*

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  • Why the bread sounds like water

    Animator GaboetAnimator Gaboet2 개월 전

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  • I want to eat it! 🤤

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  • Iblove ur channel

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  • Yummy! I love Sandwichies!

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  • Is to big

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  • Food isn’t alive is terrible but...

    joseph kingjoseph king2 개월 전
  • Oh great cutting a fake lego meat with a groom

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  • All those lego toys are fake bebop

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  • imagine how long it took to make that HUGE loaf of bread

    Robloxin rayyanRobloxin rayyan2 개월 전
  • HOLY SHI- THAT SANDWICTH IS HUGEEE Not tryin to be ruddee

    Cherry CarolineCherry Caroline2 개월 전
  • Can i ask, 1:08 what that thing?

    Rainbow DashRainbow Dash2 개월 전
    • Olives or somethin, just dont know

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  • oye heres muy bueno en reporteria por queno trabajas con bos cake sale en televicion♡

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  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that this is more legos than brain cells in my head

    • If also talking about me

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  • Wow, the editing is flawless

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  • Is that me or do I think this is so creative?

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  • I think the purple thing is onion

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  • The way he cut that cheese block 😱 😬😳

  • This is taking the meaning of foot-long sandwich from Starbucks to a whole new level

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  • Yes... the taste of corruption

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  • Bebop is the greates Chanel ever ❤️

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  • Amazing good job

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  • 0:56 何故かGANTZを思い出した

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