iPad Hot Dog - Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

2020. 01. 15.
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I made it with 3,055pictures.
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  • 접어야X 썰어야 제맛

    현희현희21 일 전
  • Such waste of good technology but ok

    Blizzard MidasBlizzard Midas개월 전
  • 0:05 That was fast running! Great job on making this video! Why did you cut the iPhone, IPad, and a laptop?

    coolawesomer30 Gamercoolawesomer30 Gamer2 개월 전
  • Pretty sure this ain’t real, there would be many electric shocks when cutting

    Power of The noobsPower of The noobs2 개월 전
  • one minute silence for those who thought its real

    imdamn stupidimdamn stupid2 개월 전
  • Cool

    Alla UyanAlla Uyan3 개월 전
  • I Love you. I like the video

    Riaz QATARRiaz QATAR3 개월 전
  • Don’t break my lil bro’s iPad!!! Don’t,Don’t, 1:03 Nooooooooooo!!!

    Collins k RajCollins k Raj3 개월 전
  • than you cut it into pieces better just give it to me:(

    DevlynDevlyn3 개월 전
  • 1:43 핫도그?

    이이잉이이잉3 개월 전
  • did he really destroy them? . . . . im crying

    X addiction XX addiction X4 개월 전
  • You should give the iphone to me!!

    Thiraa ChannelThiraa Channel5 개월 전
  • Wow this really didn't make any seance to me

    z cz c5 개월 전
  • casi todo el mundo: o que satisfactorio suena :) yo: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO son de maraca apple! yo tengo que ahorrar toda mi vida por uno de esos!

    Sweet JellySweet Jelly5 개월 전
  • ASMR yes. Ear bleeding no.

    Tj Animations 2000Tj Animations 20006 개월 전
  • im not one to judge bebop, but what the actual hell

    aa6 개월 전
  • That’s an waste of a good iPhone and an good iPad

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy6 개월 전
  • Good 👍💖

    Amina SobalovaAmina Sobalova7 개월 전
  • 어우야! 아깝다. 재료다 어디서 구했 ..그걸로 굳이 핫도그를 왜.... (근데 요즘 영상 안 올리세요?)

    봉셰할꺼다오봉셰할꺼다오7 개월 전
    • 아 그래요? 😂

      봉셰할꺼다오봉셰할꺼다오7 개월 전
    • 몇일전에 업로드했습니다( ̄︶ ̄)↗

      BebopBebop7 개월 전
  • WHY did you just cut all those perfectly good usable things

    Puppy GirlPuppy Girl7 개월 전
  • I just I can't this is cool, and neat but plz tell me these are not real electronics

    Lil Lexi Moonlight :3Lil Lexi Moonlight :37 개월 전
  • Hola y 👍👍👍👍

    martina dibertiguaymartina dibertiguay7 개월 전
  • it pains me to watch all these devices get cut into pieces! hi *me crying irl*

    Malia NortelusMalia Nortelus7 개월 전
  • 설마 저 비싼...패드 핸드폰을...자를여나..? 했는데..진짜 질맀어...

    Siyun띠융이Siyun띠융이7 개월 전
  • 저기요 재 페드가 울고있습니다

    플레이로블록스플레이로블록스7 개월 전
  • Those are fake Because he is not showing the screen

    MrChaudhryyMrChaudhryy7 개월 전
  • This hurts my wallet to watch...... Not like I have any money in it but some coins I found in my moms room

    allaroundemaniallaroundemani7 개월 전
    • Don’t tell her

      allaroundemaniallaroundemani7 개월 전
  • goes to store afterwards: yes, my iPads and iPhones seem to be broken

    A-Different-OneA-Different-One7 개월 전
  • 저 아이폰 그냥 주세요...ㅠㅠ

    강선희강선희7 개월 전
  • Pls tell me they were fake😞

    Lyllian RhoadesLyllian Rhoades8 개월 전
  • All iPhone users have been hurt during this video

    Sophia JemalSophia Jemal8 개월 전
  • Ijustines worst nightmare

    Marcus TuasonMarcus Tuason8 개월 전
  • I......I don't know what to say. It hurts to watch. Wait- I have something to say. WHY DID U JUST CUT UP APPLE PRODUCTS. This is NOT ASMR people

    Lynette ToepferLynette Toepfer8 개월 전
  • Man that dedication right there round of applause.

    UnspokenUnspoken8 개월 전
  • I hope apple don’t see this

    Kãÿlá_ÃçkërmâñKãÿlá_Ãçkërmâñ8 개월 전
  • What rich kids eats:

    Lady YagataLady Yagata8 개월 전
  • Omg! Really ?! Lol i love the video still 😂

    Mia Van NeervenMia Van Neerven8 개월 전
  • 레고보다 더 위험한 음식

    아이스드래곤아이스드래곤8 개월 전
  • Other people: WoW tHaTs So CoOl Me: this dood HeLlA rIcH

    Hollow XOXOHollow XOXO9 개월 전
  • ใครคนไทย

    piyanat juntaratpiyanat juntarat9 개월 전
  • I just hope those aren't real gadgets he's cutting

    IsecreamIsecream9 개월 전
  • rich people lol

    Anomous S.Anomous S.9 개월 전
  • PLS STOP!!

    Scarlett PlaysScarlett Plays9 개월 전
  • tell me that it wasnt real ipads

    Maria WiśniewskaMaria Wiśniewska9 개월 전
  • Very wholesome animations

    Heather IngramHeather Ingram9 개월 전
  • Why!?

    Jennifer BJennifer B9 개월 전
  • I feel like the devices is chocolate made to look like a realistic iPhone iPad and computer 😂

    Anime_Emi_ForeverAnime_Emi_Forever9 개월 전
    • But at the same time if it ain’t why would you

      Anime_Emi_ForeverAnime_Emi_Forever9 개월 전
  • Ru rich.

    Crystal the alolan vulpixCrystal the alolan vulpix9 개월 전
  • I want to know if you actually cut them

    Hj biHj bi9 개월 전
  • When u realize they were fake: 😅

    Shadow SparkShadow Spark9 개월 전
  • When I noticed they were real I stopped breathing

    Bella ElizabethBella Elizabeth9 개월 전
  • 한국인이서요?

    문형열문형열9 개월 전
  • Why

    iNOTcharlieiNOTcharlie10 개월 전
  • Ya allah ngapain lagi pake di gunting

    Viska NoviantriViska Noviantri10 개월 전
  • I love apple hotdogs, I practically eat them everyday

    GaqGaq10 개월 전
  • 진짜 노트북.휴대폰인가요?

  • Me: l feel so bad The device's: OUCH

    Ololade ObohOlolade Oboh10 개월 전
  • 어우 기분나빠

    한사랑학교스마트스쿨한사랑학교스마트스쿨10 개월 전
    • ???

      BebopBebop10 개월 전

    Black ShooterBlack Shooter10 개월 전
  • Как же больно на это смотреть.. .

    Ava CruelAva Cruel10 개월 전
  • I was really hoping it was going to be a cake that looked like apple products 😔😱 *Him casually cuting up multiple apple products* *Me not even able to but a one apple product*😭 Btw subscribe to my channel I will be doing roblox , sims 4 , edits and if you want your CHANNEL TO HAVE A SHOUTOUT , just comment 🥀🖤 under this comment and under my most recent video x

    Ani Fresnedi xoxoAni Fresnedi xoxo10 개월 전
  • 😢 Plz don’t eat electronics. Waste of money.

    Christine LinChristine Lin10 개월 전
  • if you have too many apple products to spare, give it to me

    ItsStromItsStrom10 개월 전
  • こういう人って人間の動きまでも細かいよね てつやみたい

    佐藤佐藤10 개월 전
  • 우왕 신기하다😳

    센티멘탈붕괴센티멘탈붕괴10 개월 전
  • 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😅😅😱😱😱😱

    Remas AliRemas Ali10 개월 전
  • 안돼폰아!ㅠㅠ

    박은영박은영10 개월 전
  • these are prob just those inexpensive dummys you can get on amazon. BUT STILL!

    Jade ThereseJade Therese10 개월 전
  • Bang mendingan buat gua.... so sad

    Igob TheristasIgob Theristas10 개월 전
  • gah i can’t look

    SonSkylerArtSonSkylerArt10 개월 전
  • tulung hp boba donk😢

    Norma AniNorma Ani10 개월 전
  • No quiero decir nada ofensivo pero destruir así todos eso móviles tablets solo para llamar la atención y solo tener 334 k de visitas da un poco de lastima y si más adelante tenga más visitas hoy en día tiene esa cantidad enserio ahi que llamar tanto la atención?

    JARIELA ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔJARIELA ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ10 개월 전
  • I thought they were fake put it hurts to know there real

    Lola ClaughtonLola Claughton10 개월 전
  • 핸드폰은 아껴아되여

    정다혜정다혜10 개월 전
  • Ok now you’re just flexing

    Duct TapeDuct Tape10 개월 전
  • Stop cut iPhone plese

    # hashtag# hashtag10 개월 전
  • Them: destroying expensive stuff for a hotdog Me: it better be good 😏

    Charlotte WarmingCharlotte Warming10 개월 전
  • This is very satisfying. Where my crying Apple fanboys at?

    MajesticRaithierMajesticRaithier10 개월 전
  • I have found Voodoo Magic!!!!!!!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Oxed FlaneOxed Flane10 개월 전
  • This hurt me in ways I can’t understand nor explain

    Jade ReaxtionsJade Reaxtions10 개월 전
  • The i phone is real??

    Natalia Charco LeonNatalia Charco Leon10 개월 전
  • Лучше бы мне отдал(

    The Last PlayerThe Last Player10 개월 전
  • Can’t tell if real apple products were used in this video 🤨🤨

    13din13din10 개월 전
  • How to flex 101 be like:

    elsthriiaelsthriia10 개월 전
  • Wait...did you really cut them in half?📱💻

    Tiffany FTiffany F10 개월 전
  • Do you cut real laptops and phones???

    demetrius borbeldemetrius borbel10 개월 전
  • Were those real electronics? Oh lord

    potatos tomatospotatos tomatos10 개월 전
  • I almost had a heart attack when I realized they were actually breaking the Apple products XD

    Art SkiesArt Skies10 개월 전
  • 😱😱😱

    Alvin MabulacAlvin Mabulac10 개월 전
  • You wasted a lot of money

    Ellen Van GenechtenEllen Van Genechten10 개월 전
  • Is this what hypebeasts eat

    Saltiboii reviewsSaltiboii reviews10 개월 전
  • Me just wondering it the phone and stuff was real O_O

    XaivonXaivon10 개월 전
  • Way to flex on me, mate

    Meemah_ SNMeemah_ SN10 개월 전
  • Cool

    Brian SkiBrian Ski10 개월 전
  • I guess you can say it tasted like Apple 🤪

    Kevin vs. GamingzKevin vs. Gamingz10 개월 전
  • 진짜를 자른거는 아니겠지?

    최가람최가람10 개월 전
  • Hi your so amazing your my favorite KOworldr ever!

    Siblings AwesomenessSiblings Awesomeness10 개월 전
  • Rip the devices Looks like they were used for a video I wonder who did it🤔

    Face FoodFace Food10 개월 전
  • I know right

    Lucas BissonnetteLucas Bissonnette10 개월 전
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

    xylerrzzxylerrzz10 개월 전