Lego Hamburgers ( feat. Lego shoes ) - Lego In Real Life 4 / Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

2020. 02. 29.
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Is there anything you want to make into Lego?
I'll make anything, please leave a comment.
I made it with 3,859pictures.
Thanks for watching! Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! Thanks.


  • Abla españoll

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  • A giant box

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  • W(vyjaogdñegkak

    Gladys GonzalezGladys Gonzalez4 일 전
  • coolll

    Sukhmani SiraSukhmani Sira7 일 전
  • Waw:)

  • Can you make a lego ramen soup?

    Just BecauseJust Because9 일 전
  • 랍스타요!❤

    밍바라기_지유{나은 언니 지원이 내꾸야}밍바라기_지유{나은 언니 지원이 내꾸야}11 일 전
  • Pls make PASTA

    Aanya GuptaAanya Gupta11 일 전
  • How about a taco (If you made it I will gonna watch that video)

    Kelly RecottaKelly Recotta15 일 전
  • a pessoa que criou esse video e um genio

    Marilza RodriguesMarilza Rodrigues19 일 전
  • likeeeeee

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  • 병아리 귀여워

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  • une haus

    Marlene TrejoMarlene Trejo26 일 전
  • I love the real one.

    gris rigelgris rigel26 일 전
  • Make yourself I want to see you in lego

    youngeun kimyoungeun kim28 일 전
  • ice cream?? HOTDOG??

    Jayden 12Jayden 1228 일 전

    Jayden 12Jayden 1228 일 전
  • hotdog pls

    Jayden 12Jayden 1228 일 전
  • hmmmmm maybe lego hotdog?

    Jayden 12Jayden 1228 일 전
  • cool

    Treyvon HamiltonTreyvon Hamilton29 일 전
  • Why does this make me hungry

    Big JBig J개월 전
  • Make lego pasta

    James The Red Engine ProductionsJames The Red Engine Productions개월 전
  • Could you make a cake next time?

    Unicorn PuppyUnicorn Puppy개월 전
  • ur nan

    William eyreWilliam eyre개월 전
  • That was funny and cool! Do you think you could make lego sushi rolls, please? Thanks for listening! :)

    Crystal JonesCrystal Jones개월 전
  • A working sob series x

    DeskoTheHuskyDeskoTheHusky개월 전
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  • Good guys Stewart listen to my famous wonderful text message just come to this chat and I'll let you chat with me and let's be

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  • Make a cookie

    unicorn luvunicorn luv개월 전
  • Good now i'm so hungry

    Faizatul LailiFaizatul Laili개월 전
  • I'd love to see done thing like a turkey dinner, like bam a real turkey walking around then BAM lego turkey!

    Lilliy OmonuwaLilliy Omonuwa개월 전
  • luu truongluu truong개월 전
  • As Among us😃😃

    Foxy YT23 2.0Foxy YT23 2.0개월 전
  • Nnj

    Silvia LSilvia L개월 전
  • but i think its kind of weird that u make a burger out of the bottom of a shoe XD XD

    crackhead #2crackhead #2개월 전
  • same

    crackhead #2crackhead #2개월 전
  • video idea: bbq lego ribs with bbq sauce and a side of salad ❤️ 😋

    Arconis The WolfArconis The Wolf개월 전
  • チーズケーキ

    中西寛紀中西寛紀개월 전
  • Make lego ICE CREAM!!!!!

    Tsz Wan Keely LEUNGTsz Wan Keely LEUNG개월 전
  • 🙉🙊🙈😻😼😽🙀😿😾🦖🦕

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  • b

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  • 😀😁😂🤣😃😍🦄🍇🍓🥑

    西村裕美西村裕美개월 전
  • Marble run

    Theresia Laura SiregarTheresia Laura Siregar개월 전
  • Can you please make a lego burrito?

    pinkgirlsrule2pinkgirlsrule2개월 전
  • Lol

    Nurjameela Az-ZahraNurjameela Az-Zahra개월 전
  • Please make a donut🍩🍩🍩

    Cyma FaysalCyma Faysal개월 전
  • Shushi 🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣

    Aisatu SamuraAisatu Samura개월 전
  • I want that you make chicken nuggets na na

    Perro De QuesoPerro De Queso개월 전
  • Bebop: What is Mess!

    Henderson TrevorHenderson Trevor2 개월 전
  • Lego honey chicken

    Rachana SinghRachana Singh2 개월 전
  • Can u make a lego cake?

    Divone YeoDivone Yeo2 개월 전
  • Can u make a lego puppy please😀

    Lanya AngilauLanya Angilau2 개월 전
  • If you didn't already maybe sushi?

    Am BirbAm Birb2 개월 전
  • omg make ramyun or dumplings

    Carla JohnCarla John2 개월 전
  • can you do sushi?

    Laura BrandtLaura Brandt2 개월 전
  • Can you make lego cake pops?

    Clara MuellerClara Mueller2 개월 전
  • Did he just cook a fucking shoe?

    Rick AstleyRick Astley2 개월 전
  • Did i just hear a loud chip crunch when he bit into that burger?

    KingMANKingMAN2 개월 전
  • invisible glass ?

    FPS InwzaGamerTHFPS InwzaGamerTH2 개월 전
  • Could u plssssss make a lego pancake

    NicaShane BarridoNicaShane Barrido2 개월 전
  • 동가 쓰

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  • Pasta chinoi 🙂

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  • Lego Biriyani

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  • make all the foods

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  • Wow

  • Pls make sushi

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  • 2:21

    난다 난다니얀다난다 난다니얀다2 개월 전
  • Kalli ponse

    Sylwia PodolskaSylwia Podolska2 개월 전
    • Duża jesteś ty

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  • Una 🍕

  • 떡뽁이해주세여

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  • Can you make a taco :)

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  • Make Indian Samosa plz

    K KannabiranK Kannabiran2 개월 전
  • Lego world

    Habiba YacoubaHabiba Yacouba2 개월 전
  • Can you make an açaí bowl or a hotdog please

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  • Ase pastel ☺👍

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  • Pancakes

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  • Can you make something like a small movie type thing on airplanes like you go in an airplane og lego and can make some miniature landmarks?

    MemeberMemeber2 개월 전
  • Bebop lego ice-cream

    Dharanikota BalasubrahmanyamDharanikota Balasubrahmanyam2 개월 전
  • Spaghetti

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  • I love your videos

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  • Try to make boba made out of lego and thw straw is a statue it would be sick!

    。Bâčøń Thě Błăćkśqűäðmém。。Bâčøń Thě Błăćkśqűäðmém。2 개월 전
  • It all make sense. Hamburgers are made from shoes that are made from dust.

    Evangeline Chloey FungEvangeline Chloey Fung2 개월 전
  • Adoro esse barulho 😊 Quem é brasileiro e gosta desse barulho e tem orgulho da sua terra curti aí 🤗

    Gildasio PinheiroGildasio Pinheiro2 개월 전
    • @Isabela Bennassar vc fala em espanhol?

      Gildasio PinheiroGildasio Pinheiro2 개월 전
    • Ami tambien me gusta bebot

      Isabela BennassarIsabela Bennassar2 개월 전
    • Primeiro(a) baleiro (a)

      vlogs da Ester ✓vlogs da Ester ✓2 개월 전
  • Shoes are not edible especially the bottom of the shoe and did he just poor coco cola in no cup or glass???🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    My PlaytimeMy Playtime2 개월 전
    • @My Playtime it’s just a joke -_-

      AlphaTempest55AlphaTempest55개월 전
    • Edit: Thanks for all the likes

      My PlaytimeMy Playtime개월 전
    • @AlphaTempest55 why would you eat a shoe when you could just get something from the pantry or fridge

      My PlaytimeMy Playtime개월 전
    • He was hungry

      AlphaTempest55AlphaTempest55개월 전
  • Pizza

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  • オムライス

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  • Is this real or not

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  • Make the Lego hamburger

    Tyson AlberdiTyson Alberdi2 개월 전
    • Thanks for liking my comment whoever you are thanks I love you look at my videos it's called typing all berries and my brother has a name, typing a but not all Dairy it's not very it's all Bernie okay so mine is the same width as my brother so just check it out check it out I show up just just type in type in Albury

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