Strange Breakfast - Lego In Real Life 14 / Stop Motion Cooking & ASMR

2020. 09. 22.
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  • Wow is this real :0

    Agnes WangAgnes Wang19 시간 전
  • Pity,poor iPhone

    Dariya PetrenkoDariya Petrenko8 일 전
  • Hey so what did you have for breakfast oh iPhones

    Olya SOlya S11 일 전
  • You you cut the phone I’m like nooooooooo

    Olya SOlya S11 일 전
  • Bro this is so satisfying

    Olya SOlya S11 일 전
  • Uuuuuug boring👎👎👎👎

    Melba FernandezMelba Fernandez17 일 전
  • Thank you so much for putting your time into this! It really helps me calm down for some reason! I am subscribed!

    Bugie & CarwwyBugie & Carwwy17 일 전
  • my god i was going to kill someone if those apple products were real cus if they were then my got that’s 3000 ur never getting back (it’s an estimate)

    SombreSophiaSombreSophia19 일 전
  • Are we not gonna talk about how this is a f l e x ?

    Peppermint SodaPeppermint Soda20 일 전

    Carla NCarla N25 일 전
    • im confused what's an iPad hotdog?

      Carla NCarla N25 일 전

    Carla NCarla N25 일 전
  • I subscribed but did anyone notice he eat a freakin shoe-

    Carla NCarla N25 일 전
  • 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    Tayler PlumbTayler Plumb26 일 전
  • are we going to talk abt the fact that he lit a fire on the table no okay

    Saathira MahrofSaathira Mahrof27 일 전
  • Me at 4:26 in the vid: just kill me already

    Zoe MacRaeZoe MacRae28 일 전
    • I still love the vid

      Zoe MacRaeZoe MacRae28 일 전
  • Is your storage full rn

    Dorie CapitoDorie Capito29 일 전
  • How do you do this

    Lucy TsuiLucy Tsui개월 전
  • 3:42 are you dumb?

    Anna BiondoAnna Biondo개월 전
  • Nobody: Me:you don't bake on a stove!?

  • The hardest question in the world: is it easier to cook or cook in stop motion????

  • My mom: where's my lego heel????? Me:nowhere.....

  • Did he really break he’s phone iPad and laptop??

    Isha DhimanIsha Dhiman개월 전
  • Don't be afraid if your door knocks for hot dogs at three o'clock in the night...

    Candan ErenCandan Eren개월 전
  • Nobody know

    Eduardo SagcalEduardo Sagcal개월 전
  • my man be waisting apple prducts

    NLP SansiribhanNLP Sansiribhan개월 전
  • Orae you brack them and reey yus them

    Blessed ThompsonBlessed Thompson개월 전
  • Do you keep art you do with the lego

    Blessed ThompsonBlessed Thompson개월 전
  • now I know... now I know that chip dip is made of rainbow shoes. thank you - i will never eat chip dip again Edit: think I almost suffocated because of that "calm sleep" ad

    Hannah LinHannah Lin개월 전
  • Why did you cook a iPhone 11 Pro Max

    BacktesttryBacktesttry개월 전
  • Him/her: cooking fried chicken Me: Teruteru is that you?

    •PeachiiDrop••PeachiiDrop•개월 전
  • i am a potato you cannot stop the potato

    Thomas DecasseThomas Decasse개월 전
  • My heart when he broke the phone Double front flip

    Kenza GharbiKenza Gharbi개월 전
  • Gtw suka aja pokonya:v

    Yayah OfficialYayah Official개월 전
  • I feel like this whole 9 videos was a fever dream

    PiXiE- MuRk3rPiXiE- MuRk3r개월 전
  • çok güzel

  • I dobrze iphony to gówno dobrze że to pokroiłeś a samsunga zostawiłeś :))

    Weronika KruszewskaWeronika Kruszewska개월 전
  • Not the iPhone, I got one by selling my little brother on the black market. People buying them and cutting them up for a KOworld video.

    Sgt. MittensSgt. Mittens개월 전
  • Seeing all that perfectly fine technology just get CHOPPED UP was soooo painful to watch

    itzBUBBY StudiositzBUBBY Studios개월 전
  • Why did you cut your phone 📱

    abid qureshiabid qureshi개월 전
  • I'm cringing so much who has the money to do this Xd

    Quinn DalyQuinn Daly개월 전
  • I think that you do the best stop motion in the whole galaxy. I hope that there will be something much easier for you in 2021

    Ray PRay P2 개월 전
  • GOLDEN APPLE!!!!!♡♡♡♡

    Simon OyervidesSimon Oyervides2 개월 전
  • Imagine how many hours/days/weeks just to finish/make this 0-0

    Tinky winkyTinky winky2 개월 전
  • Fake

    NSFW SlayerNSFW Slayer2 개월 전
  • is that a real Ipad and computer

    Amy DeleepAmy Deleep2 개월 전
  • Man makes Lego look tasty

    Hemitemilemi UwUHemitemilemi UwU2 개월 전
  • ıphone :-( :( :(

    ipek karaipek kara2 개월 전
  • すごい!!

    MaethyleeMaethylee2 개월 전
  • I think bebop was just bored

    Gneshe BronGneshe Bron2 개월 전
  • Are we going to talk the phone as a egg

    Katie FurgasonKatie Furgason2 개월 전
  • If egg nades were real it would save us so much time...

    Cat StanCat Stan2 개월 전
  • 4:00 this is not okay

    I'm not supposed to be on here but hiI'm not supposed to be on here but hi2 개월 전
  • Same, I always eat my pringles with a side of blended rainbow shoe :)

    GrabYoPopcornGrabYoPopcorn2 개월 전
  • that iPad hotdog gonna be the most expensive thing you have ever eaten

    Goose BoiGoose Boi2 개월 전
  • Que legal

    zepetozepeto2 개월 전
  • Ah so that's what a ipad is used for

    IIherdulito1 0IIherdulito1 02 개월 전
  • Excuse me, you lit a fire somewhere that it could burn easily

    Brianna TruongBrianna Truong2 개월 전
  • これは素晴らしい動画です。素晴らしい仕事。

    Ver ReyesVer Reyes2 개월 전
  • W you broke I paid

    Danielol CarvalhoDanielol Carvalho2 개월 전
  • Me:*see he cut an iphone Me again why not: WHY

    Liria the PruffLiria the Pruff2 개월 전
  • Yes, cut your laptop :-D How do they do it? It´s absolutly imazing, can not stop looking at this

    MalienaG.MalienaG.2 개월 전
  • 1:28 where did u get that and is it in america

    aa2 개월 전
  • He just cut his samsung phone THEN HE COOKED IT WTF

    Ain MochiAin Mochi2 개월 전
  • Eu não falo as suas línguas mas o canal é muito legal

    Carla SantosCarla Santos2 개월 전
  • He cut an iPhone 😭😰😥

    Erin EkinsErin Ekins2 개월 전
  • This is beautiful work. :)

    April MayApril May2 개월 전
  • 💲

    Eva CadenaEva Cadena2 개월 전
  • You don't live ipad MacBook iPhone

    Mpo Ati Paud DikmasMpo Ati Paud Dikmas2 개월 전
  • LOL.

    Mpo Ati Paud DikmasMpo Ati Paud Dikmas2 개월 전
  • This is not lego anymore its minecraft *So much detail*

    sub faderangasub faderanga2 개월 전
  • Furry yay

    Hawaii KawaiiHawaii Kawaii2 개월 전
  • Estaría genial que mostrará su cara para poder darle crédito.

    Mariuxi DelgadoMariuxi Delgado2 개월 전
  • Come on he did not just destroy a iPhone with a nife

    Tarek HeshamTarek Hesham2 개월 전
  • what what why

  • Fack

    ᄅᄆXgamerᄅᄆXgamer2 개월 전
  • Minecraft golden apple?! 😮😮

    Rifqah CamillaRifqah Camilla2 개월 전
  • He doing what -8:07

    Tabby Cat GamingTabby Cat Gaming2 개월 전
  • No plase nooo phoneeee nooooooo

    melissa gamermelissa gamer2 개월 전
  • Just how f-cking rich are you?!?!?!

    [花かんむり]Hana_FlowerCrown[花かんむり]Hana_FlowerCrown2 개월 전
  • the fuuk

    Leah NipperLeah Nipper2 개월 전
  • Amazing animation 😉 ✌️ I loved it 👍 Keep up the great work 💪 I make brickfilms ! If you want check it out!

    LEGO LandLEGO Land2 개월 전
  • Wow

    Jessica GraessJessica Graess2 개월 전
  • 지금 당장 눈앞의 이익에

    Roblox Super greaterRoblox Super greater2 개월 전
  • 3:40 Rip phone

    Lily PieLily Pie2 개월 전
  • Ice tiger secret we've been hiding it

    Malayia RogersMalayia Rogers2 개월 전
  • That IS weird

    Alisha LeefAlisha Leef2 개월 전
  • why did he chop his apple phone like that or was it fake can someone anwser that i am confused

    Ava McAuleyAva McAuley2 개월 전
  • What do you do whit your por tablet

    •Rainbow-Boba••Rainbow-Boba•2 개월 전
  • That face wolf

    Suhaimi HusainSuhaimi Husain2 개월 전
  • 한국인 있어요?

    하지호하지호2 개월 전

    Eliana Reine SolisEliana Reine Solis2 개월 전
    • Yea I just cometed

      Simon OyervidesSimon Oyervides2 개월 전
    • Yea

      MrsAvila9222002MrsAvila92220022 개월 전
    • Heh heh

      April MayApril May2 개월 전
    • Yep

      Kpop FansKpop Fans2 개월 전
  • The yellow apple looks like minecraft

    mandalittenmandalitten2 개월 전
  • 3:44 no, no way don’t cut those

    Arty ArtyArty Arty2 개월 전
    • They're cAke. U been LieD to

      April MayApril May2 개월 전
  • Oh look a golden apple from Minecraft

    Jacob AungJacob Aung2 개월 전
  • I would rather destroy the apple device to eat than rather suffer with "Softbank investments".

    MariomiiboMariomiibo2 개월 전
  • A love bebop Chanel 👍😌❤️

    sarah sofia baronasarah sofia barona2 개월 전
  • co jqjs

    Adriana BaltazarAdriana Baltazar2 개월 전
  • 3:41 Me: I-I-I-I IS THIS BOI FR?!?!?! 4:23 Me: NOOOOOOOOOOO BOIIIII 4:41 Me: it's Okay I just gonna pray and forget you ever did that

    Genevieve RenteriaGenevieve Renteria2 개월 전
  • the iPhone’s fake right? Cus u wouldn’t wanna cut a real one

    Janice LiJanice Li2 개월 전
  • He cut the phone...*-cri-* But the rest of the parts are so cool and smooth

    Yune LiYune Li2 개월 전